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Cohen & Havian LLP Services
Management Advisory
As a boutique Tax and Consulting C.P.A. firm, Cohen & Havian has the ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of our clients while maintaining a personal connection that builds long lasting relationships.  

We provide a variety of services including:
Cohen & Havian LLP has been consulting with privately owned businesses and not-for-profit organizations in excess of seventy years.  We encourage our clients to engage in an ongoing flow of communication, so we may assist them with issues that range far beyond the financial aspect of the business.

We work hand in hand with the management team to develop goals and objectives, as well as budgets, financial plans, and other necessary financial tools to achieve them.  As the business grows we are available to assist with the development of the professional advisory team such as banking relationships, legal counsel, insurance agents, and certified financial planners.
​Cohen & Havian LLP advises clients with a wide variety of management issues.  Interpreting financial information and assisting with implementation of computerized accounting systems are amongst the most important things we do.  It allows businesses and non profits  to provide up to the minute financial data necessary to running an efficient organization as well as optimizing the use of all the professional services we provide.

We will assist with your business plan, interpret financial information, bookkeeping needs, review of your organizational structure, assist in computerized accounting systems, and help you set up a system of internal control that suits your business, and safeguards your assets.
If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your unique needs.
Cohen & Havian LLP provides federal and state tax planning and preparation services for clients no matter where they may reside.  We have clients living in many of the fifty states as well as abroad.

We encourage our clients to tax plan regarding their retirement, estates, and on many occasions assist with the estate or trust administration.

Should you ever be chosen for an audit by the Internal Revenue Service or any state taxing authority we will be there to represent you.